From multiple agent to insurance broker


Herm Schuldt was registered with the city of Flensburg’s trade register on 5th June 1897. The company’s main activity was the insurance of H. Schuldt’s fleet and also partially for the goods transported in its ships.


After the First World War, the company’s development into an underwriting agent became increasingly pronounced. However, the company always continued to focus on insuring the company’s own fleet against maritime risks.

The earliest agency contract goes back to 1924. Since this time, Herm. Schuldt has maintained agency contracts with a range of important national and international insurance companies and has operated a successful business for third parties as well.


In the late 1990s, the group was restructured and the shipping company, including its incidental activities, was sold to the Norddeutsche Vermögen Group. As part of this process, the business for third parties has also been restructured, enabling Herm. Schuldt to concentrate once more on its traditional core business, that of insuring its own fleet, which it successfully manages today with its numerous connections in the insurance markets in Great Britain, Scandinavia, the USA and the Far East.